What does the Koala Warranty cover?

The Koala Warranty covers the replacement or repair of any product that has a manufacturing or material defect that is not the result of normal wear and tear,  a natural characteristic of the material and when our product is used in the usual course, for its intended purpose and following our recommended care and use information. 

The Koala warranty is personal to you, the original purchaser. It cannot be transferred to anyone else and is only applicable while you are resident in the United States.  The Koala warranty begins on the date that you receive your product and continues for;

5 years for our furniture: view warranty terms here

What isn't covered by the Koala Warranty?

Unfortunately, the following are not covered by the Koala Warranty:

  • Normal wear and tear, including minor pilling, puddling, fading, stains and discolouration and normal softening of the product;
  • Natural characteristics of the product or material such as shedding of some natural fibres;
  • Environmental factors outside of Koala’s control such as excessive moisture, heat and cold that cause damage or impair function to the product such as but not limited to mould;
  • Where products designed for indoor use are stored or used in an outdoor environment;
  • Minor changes, movement or settling of foams or cushioning layers that may cause visible or unseen indentations of less than 25 mm;
  • Natural variation or characteristics in materials such as, but not limited to colours, timber grain and features, minor gaps in plywood edges, variation in batch dyes, weaving processes and odours;
  • Damage caused by improper use (such as damage caused by pets), cleaning, maintenance, treatment, storage or otherwise caused by your acts or omissions;
  • Damage caused by alterations or modifications made to the product or where the product is used in an abnormal manner and/or not for its intended purpose;
  • Damage caused by a 3rd party product such as but not limited to another retailer’s bed bases or mattresses;
  • Products used for commercial purposes;
  • Any products sold as seconds, returns or similar, or where the defect has been drawn to the customer’s attention when it was purchased;
  • Any consequential or incidental damage.

How to make a claim?

Please email us via gday@koala.com so we can help get any issue sorted. We will require information from you regarding:

  • Details of the defect
  • Proof of purchase
  • Clear photos of the defect and
  • Clear photos of the product or ID label

Koala will make every effort to promptly review your claim. If we determine that your claim is valid, we will repair or replace (as applicable) your product. If your item is discontinued or not available, we may elect to replace your original product with a similar alternative.

The warranty applies from the date you receive your product and will not restart from the date of any replacement or repair.  The replacement or repaired product will get the benefit of the remainder of the original warranty period.